Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liza Mae's ReCreations: Cabin Fever...

This is an  old oak phone I picked up at a local flea market for five bucks...
This is what it looked like before...I took off the bells already, they were gold.
I sprayed the bells and other outer hardware this silver metal color.  I love this paint!  I picked it up at AC Moore when I was re decorating my bathroom.  I used it on the towel racks, and they turned out looking like I spent a lot of money on them...

For the body of the phone, I lightly sanded it and then used a red acrylic paint I had in my paint bin.  At first it was a  bright red.  I was hoping that adding a glaze would darken it a bit.  It did.  I then mixed some black acrylic paint with a little glaze.  You kind of have to eyeball it to get the shade you want.  I then painted it on one section at a time and then wiped it off. I loved the look!

Sorry for the bad picture :(   The middle of the phone was empty.  Something was missing from the phone originally.  I took a piece of crafting paper with black and tan vertical lines, and cut it to fit the middle.  I painted a little polycrylic polyurethane over it.  Then I went through my button bag and found a button and sprayed it the same silver metal color.  I super glued it to the middle, then painted it also with the polycrylic.

  I finished the rest of the phone with a water based polycrylic polyurethane.  I put on a couple of coats.
Tah dahhh...Now we have a fun phone and a pop of color in our kitchen!

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