Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inspired by Willliam Sonoma

So, I was walking through the William Sonoma store in the mall.  I usually walk and pine for all the cool gadgets and kitchen decor.  A display table caught my eye.  I loved how it was so simple and festive at the same time.
I already had a white tablecloth at home. (the things you can do with a simple white tablecloth) I went to a local JoAnns fabric store and purchased a little burlap at about $2.99 yd.  Then, I purchased a yd. of plaid fabric and a roll of stitch witchery.  I love this stuff!  So sewing needed. All you need is an iron.
 I have a small table, so I bought one yard of plaid fabric.  I cut it in half, put the right sides together and used the stitch witchery to bind them  together, making one long runner  Then, I used the stitch witchery to hem the runner all the way around.  About an inch all around.

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Well since it's the holiday season, I thought I would share a few of my Christmas ideas.  My hope is that this would be a blog that people who share my passion for inexpensive decorations can exchange ideas.

Last year I walked into the Christmas Tree Hill store in the mall.  As I always do I eyed up the whole store, looking for good deals.  I stumbled upon a group of 3 Christmas trees made of sticks.  They where so beautiful, also too expensive to buy when I can get a bunch of sticks of my own.  So, Here is what I came up with..

I started by cutting sticks I had gathered in the yard and nearby wooded areas.  I cut them in various sizes starting from large to small.  Then, using a hot glue gun, I got to work.  Lucky for me, this is suppose to be a somewhat primitive tree.  When I finished assembling my tree, I used some spray glue I had in my garage.  I sprayed it with the glue and then dumped a bunch of pearly looking glitter on it and voila...
It would look better with a couple more around it.  Maybe next year.