Monday, March 7, 2011

March Mantel

Welcome March!  I have had this vision of a more natural approach to March this year.  I love the way it turned out.  It was really inexpensive too.

I made this mirror for FREE!

I was driving down the road and noticed that some people had moved and had a bunch of trash 
(treasures) by the curbside. I made a quick u turn.  I picked out this mirror.  It was naked when I found it!  
I  used wood (I think they are called, shims?) that my daughter and I found on our walk the other day.  We wandered into a construction site...shhhhh.
Anyway, I used a little gorilla glue and used stones from the yard to hold them down. 

Those wreaths were $1.99 for both!  I found them at a garden shop on clearance...yay!

I will say, I splurged on the Ivy...I love plants, and it was what I had envisioned in my head.  I made stand last week or so.  I covered the pot with tooling scraps I had.

I finally have my own little nest!  I fell in love with this look from Miss Mustard Seed blog

I finally found a cheese tray at a local thrift store. For the nest part,  I used a bunch of string from my Thanksgiving runner made of burlap from Thanksgiving.
  It looked like something I could use later. 
 Those eggs are edible!   They are the Easter malt balls...yummm.  I'm almost out, because I keep eating them.

For April, I may just add some color to the basic theme going on here.  If it warms up enough, I will be out working on painting some other "treasures" I picked up. :)

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