Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Party in a Box!

Recently, I received a special gift  for my birthday.  A party in a box!  My mom, who lives in GA sent it.  We don't get to see each other very often. 

 In this box was a "goodie bag"  filled with bubbles, whistles and candy!  What fun!  Then there where a couple of wrapped gifts, and a card.  Not just any card.  This was a singing card with confetti!  Inside it read, "Since I can't give a party, so I thought I would send you one."  It really made my day. 
 Aren't moms great?  For as long as I can remember, my mom has always known how to make make me feel special.

Who knows, maybe I will send someone special a "party in a box" soon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

While I was away...

So, over the past few weeks I have been busy, busy, which is why I haven't had time to post. I have been working on the set of the musical "Once on this Island"  My 15 yr. old daughter was in this musical and I worked on the set with my husband.  This is her 4th musical with this particular performing arts company.  This is also the 4th show I have built the set for.  It's a large project, but very gratifying to see it in the end.
The hut
Two refidgerator boxes, tape, hula skirts, and a tropical umbrella from the  party store.  Oh, the door is a shredded old sheet.

I think the most time consuming where the palm trees.  They were carpet tubes attached to plywood sheets.  They were wrapped in burlap.  The fronds (?) where made of wire coat hangers and a roll of plastic table cloth from the party store.  

You can't see it very well, which is the idea, but there is a ladder behind the trees here for the girl to climb and sit on top at the end of the musical.  She is supposed to be sitting in a tree.  It worked well.

This is the gate in the story.  My husband and I cut carpet tubes in half, then wrapped them in burlap.

Here are some pics of the last show I did...Godspell

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

The first cuttings of Spring!!! 

My lilac bush has blossomed...
So simple, beautiful and fragrant. 

Thanks for letting me share. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebration Weekend!

This post is about my kiddos.  My bragg blog post.
If you find it boring to hear about other peoples kids, you have been warned. 

So, I have two girls.  Of course they are drastically different.  Shannon is 15 now, and Kassidy is 11 now.  They are 4 years apart.  We have good and bad days.  Some days the fighting will drive me nuts!  However, their birthdays are 9 DAYS apart.  
 In the past it was working to have celebrate their birthdays together.  But, all good things must come to an end...

This year, got a little tricky with it being Easter weekend and all.

The younger one HAD to have a sleepover.  ( I don't know why they call it that.  They should call it the stay awake all nighter til your eyes burn!)  Anywhoo...

 Here is my Kassidy...

Kassidy at 5 yrs. old

Kassidy has turned into a beautiful, fun-loving, orderly,  and smart (too smart most times) 11 yr old.

Party #1
Kassidy's 11th Birthday  

True to Kassidy's nature, here is a request I recieved for the party goods, via the fridge...

The cake...

I saw this cake online and downsized it for the party.  I used a small mixing bowl from pampered chef for the large cupcake.  I used chocolate icing for the look of the wrapper.  I used half the batter for the large cupcake and had enough for 12 reg. cupcakes.  

The cake was chocolate with peanut butter icing.  Kassidy likes darker colors.

The Birthday girl!!!

Birthday #2...

Meet Shannon.  Known as "Spunky" in her younger years, and "Nay Nay" now as we like to affectionately call her.

Shannon at age 8
Where has the time gone?  15?  Really?

Shannon, is our friendly, outgoing, energetic, (Dramatic) 15 year old now.
Loves theatre and hanging with friends.  She has been in 5 musicals, the girl loves to sing!

The cake...
Shannon loves cows...

I also saw this cake online...thought it would be perfect.   She loved it.  

Did I mention her party was a SURPRISE?!  She was truly surpised, because true to her nature, (and mine)  we were still in the works about planning her party which was in a few days....lol

The friends.... good secret keepers

These days with my girls are going fast!  If you have kids you know.  I try to cherish every day I have with them.  I try to remember this on the bad days.  They are truly a precious gift from God.

Watching Barney at Universal Studios.  Shannon 7, Kassidy 3.
My most favorite picture of my babies.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Ambitious Friend...

I love this post from my friend Kendra, over at Creative Ambitions.

I love reading her posts.  She is ALWAYS creative and sometimes Very Ambitious...this is one of those times.  I want to make one of these soon....maybe this summer????

Ok… so this is probably random…but yes… I made a decorative dress form.
Because I’m crazy like that…
I have one of those minds that tell me…
“you can make that”
My creative ambition is an endless battle… so I just go with it…
And here is how I did it…
First… I started out with one of these…
You have to have some sort of mold to try this.
I wrapped it in saran wrap.
  At this point, you’ll need cardboard, newspaper and glue.
(I used wallpaper glue and at times… elmer’s glue)
I glued lightweight, wet/soaked card board to it at first to give it a sturdy shape.
Then, I glued strips of newspaper all over the cardboard.
It will look something like this…
(this is the first one I made… it still looks like this)
And the second one I made…
I let it sit for a couple of days to dry.
Next, I took my scissors and cut a straight line up the back.
Here is where you need to use your imagination…
I didn’t take pictures of the whole back cutting/seam taping process… sorry!
Bad… I know!  Sad smile
I took the paper shell off the form.
Then, I taped the seam up with some kind of cloth tape we had laying around the house.
After I had her taped back up… I glued some more newspaper over the taped seam.
For the bottom and top of neck… I cut out foam core, doubled it up, and hot glued it in place.
You may even have to hot glue some of the inner cardboard pieces back down.
Now, here was the fun part… I ordered this…
It’s a paper-mache/clay mixture.
I mixed it with water and applied it to my paper shell …with my fingers…VERY MESSY.
In fact… you may want a mask… (glue and pulp dust flies in the air as you are mixing)
I put it on thick so it had to sit awhile (out in the sun) for a few days to dry.
Next, I sanded… again…VERY MESSY.
I used my hair dyer to blow the dust off of her.
Then, I skimmed it with joint compound to try and smooth out the surface some.
And… sanded again.   Blew the dust off again.
And now she was ready to decoupage.
 Here we go AGAIN with lack of pictures…
I didn’t know if this would even turn out so I didn’t take pics for all the steps.
Finally, I glued pieces of scrapbook paper all over the form.
Eerrrrrrrr…. stop the car… back up…
Ok… so, are you wondering about a base… maybe???
This is still a work in progress… but here is the gist of it…
Table leg from my local ReStore.  Wood plaque from Hobby Lobby.
Drilled a hole for the table leg to fit in, gorilla glued it and painted it black.
Then I cut a hole with my jigsaw in the bottom of the form to slide down the base.
And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with that.  Trying to figure out how to secure it to the base so it’s not wobbly.
Almost there…
But in the meantime, here she is in her decoupaged glory.
I used a French Toile theme.
I think she looks…very “Boutiquey”.
The modeling paper clay says you can nail in to it?  I don’t know… too scared to try.
Maybe… I will try on the next one before I decoupage it.
Ok… one more time…
sporting a ruffled cross body purse I have been working on!
I must say… making her was a messy and lengthy process but if you have the patience…
it can be a fun project.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Mantel...Finally!

I have been pondering and getting excited about putting together a spring mantel.  I am supposed to be vacuuming...ummm, but my mantel looks perdy now...lol.  Ok, I am planning on vacuuming now that it's done. (maybe).  Anyway, here is what I came up with...wait, before I show you, you have to know I have been HUGELY inspired by all my blog friends.

So, here's the breakdown on how it all came together:  I knew I wanted to use the bird cages and of course my little nest. 

Proof that I did not eat the chocolate malt eggs!
 The hanging backdrop was an idea I had after seeing a window dressing at King of Prussia. They had strips of multicolor cloth hanging from the ceiling behind their clothes and stuff.  It was Free People Clothing boutique.  Very cool.

I tore strips out of fabric I had in the attic, then tied them to a stick my daughter brought home from the lake last year.  It was in the garage, it was perfect.

Also, I finally have a chance to used the little balls I made out of seed pods from my Rose of Sharon bushes.

  Lastly, this little doodad was something I picked up at Goodwill.  It is a candle holder that attaches to a bigger piece of furniture.  I knew it would come in handy somewhere.  

What did I do with my cute little door you ask?  I just moved it!

See? ...re purposed.

Happy Sring!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Old Mirror gets a New Look

I have an old mirror that a friend gave me hanging in my foyer.  I love the mirror, I just wanted to brighten it up and give it a new look.  
Well, today was the day.  Sorry, I forgot to take a before pic with it hanging up.  It was too heavy to put back up for a pic.

Here is before...

I started by lightly sanding it all.  Then I painted it white.

Next, I cut strips out of some burlap I had leftover from a Thanksgiving project. 

(I'm starting to love burlap... is that weird?  It's so useful)

I used Modge Podge to adhere the strips to the mirror


Tah Dah....

I love the new fresh look!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

This past week my 10 yr. old had been diligently cleaning and getting her room ready for her  "makeover".   Colors on board are orange, and pink (she's ten).  It will kind of be jungle princess?  Anyway,  I am excited for the reveal.  If you have before and after pics of your kids rooms, I would love to see them.  I have a 14 yr olds. room to do next!  

See ya soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Before and After


I wanted to lighten up this mirror for my bedroom.

You ever just get tired of looking at something?

(Ignore those sweatpants hanging in the closet...oops  I got so excited I forgot to close the door..lol)

I thought about it for a while.  Then I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this crafting paper.  I fell in love with it, and the idea came together.

I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper, then took some acrylic paints to dry brush the accent colors from the paper.  

The furniture's a different story.  A story of blunders...don't use non water-based polyurethane on latex paint!  It WILL turn yellow.  Now, someday, I WILL re do them.  But for now, I have my beautiful mirror to look at...sigh

Monday, March 7, 2011

March Mantel

Welcome March!  I have had this vision of a more natural approach to March this year.  I love the way it turned out.  It was really inexpensive too.

I made this mirror for FREE!

I was driving down the road and noticed that some people had moved and had a bunch of trash 
(treasures) by the curbside. I made a quick u turn.  I picked out this mirror.  It was naked when I found it!  
I  used wood (I think they are called, shims?) that my daughter and I found on our walk the other day.  We wandered into a construction site...shhhhh.
Anyway, I used a little gorilla glue and used stones from the yard to hold them down. 

Those wreaths were $1.99 for both!  I found them at a garden shop on clearance...yay!

I will say, I splurged on the Ivy...I love plants, and it was what I had envisioned in my head.  I made stand last week or so.  I covered the pot with tooling scraps I had.

I finally have my own little nest!  I fell in love with this look from Miss Mustard Seed bloghttp://missmustardseed.blogspot.com/2011/02/fake-out.html

I finally found a cheese tray at a local thrift store. For the nest part,  I used a bunch of string from my Thanksgiving runner made of burlap from Thanksgiving.
  It looked like something I could use later. 
 Those eggs are edible!   They are the Easter malt balls...yummm.  I'm almost out, because I keep eating them.

For April, I may just add some color to the basic theme going on here.  If it warms up enough, I will be out working on painting some other "treasures" I picked up. :)