Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebration Weekend!

This post is about my kiddos.  My bragg blog post.
If you find it boring to hear about other peoples kids, you have been warned. 

So, I have two girls.  Of course they are drastically different.  Shannon is 15 now, and Kassidy is 11 now.  They are 4 years apart.  We have good and bad days.  Some days the fighting will drive me nuts!  However, their birthdays are 9 DAYS apart.  
 In the past it was working to have celebrate their birthdays together.  But, all good things must come to an end...

This year, got a little tricky with it being Easter weekend and all.

The younger one HAD to have a sleepover.  ( I don't know why they call it that.  They should call it the stay awake all nighter til your eyes burn!)  Anywhoo...

 Here is my Kassidy...

Kassidy at 5 yrs. old

Kassidy has turned into a beautiful, fun-loving, orderly,  and smart (too smart most times) 11 yr old.

Party #1
Kassidy's 11th Birthday  

True to Kassidy's nature, here is a request I recieved for the party goods, via the fridge...

The cake...

I saw this cake online and downsized it for the party.  I used a small mixing bowl from pampered chef for the large cupcake.  I used chocolate icing for the look of the wrapper.  I used half the batter for the large cupcake and had enough for 12 reg. cupcakes.  

The cake was chocolate with peanut butter icing.  Kassidy likes darker colors.

The Birthday girl!!!

Birthday #2...

Meet Shannon.  Known as "Spunky" in her younger years, and "Nay Nay" now as we like to affectionately call her.

Shannon at age 8
Where has the time gone?  15?  Really?

Shannon, is our friendly, outgoing, energetic, (Dramatic) 15 year old now.
Loves theatre and hanging with friends.  She has been in 5 musicals, the girl loves to sing!

The cake...
Shannon loves cows...

I also saw this cake online...thought it would be perfect.   She loved it.  

Did I mention her party was a SURPRISE?!  She was truly surpised, because true to her nature, (and mine)  we were still in the works about planning her party which was in a few

The friends.... good secret keepers

These days with my girls are going fast!  If you have kids you know.  I try to cherish every day I have with them.  I try to remember this on the bad days.  They are truly a precious gift from God.

Watching Barney at Universal Studios.  Shannon 7, Kassidy 3.
My most favorite picture of my babies.

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