Saturday, February 26, 2011

Apples...and their trees

"The apples don't fall far from the trees..."  My mom is always re creating something out of what she has or thrift store finds...just like me.  Lately, my mom had an addition put onto her house in GA.  She is in the midst of decorating it now.  That's the fun part!  I don't know how she does it though, she has 7 kids.  Yep, SEVEN, adopted kiddos!  It's a full time job for her and her husband.  There are two sets of siblings.  It's a pretty cool thing they got going on there. is what she has been up to lately.  

This was an old table that she wanted to be a bit bigger.  It was 4 feet, made into 6 feet.  The top is a nice piece of wood she bought from home depot framed out.  Lucky, she has a handy husband!

This was a stool at their eat in bar.  The back broke, so she cut it off and again re topped it and framed it out.  They are now used as night stands in her bedroom.  

This is her latest thrift store find.  It was old and beat up.  She gave it a face lift.  She sanded the top, re stained it and sealed it.  She used rustoleum satin black for all the black in the photos.

Last, but not least, her hubby made this cute little hutch.  My mom cut the top down a bit because it was too tall for where she wanted it.  She again sprayed it and distressed it a bit.  Adorable.
Gotta love that spray paint.
Thanks for sharing mom, love you!

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