Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Liza Mae's ReCreations: Third grade art...

 "My daughter made this in third grade. I loved it and wanted to frame it for a LONG time ( she is 14 now) I'm sure you can relate.   It is rather large like 14x7 or something like that.  I knew that buying a frame for it could be expensive.  So while at the local Good Will store I spotted some old pictures....ding!  So I brought home my $2.95 treasure and got to work.  I painted the outer frame black from my acrylic paints.  Then, what to do for the background...The print on the front was on paper.  So I flipped it over and  sprayed it an heirloom white spray paint  After it dried, I  sponged it with more acrylic paints that matched the artwork.

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